Meet Elizabeth


Director of Brand Communications

Beth grew up in the impressive shadow of Jen, which wasn’t a bad thing since the pressure to be perfect was perfectly handled by her big sister. Beth has been a believer in girl power for as long as she can remember: She and her mom would dance around the living room to Helen Reddy’s “I Am Woman” while Jen was at school, and she was a fervent, if young and not entirely educated, supporter of the Mondale-Ferraro ticket in the 1984 election.

Lacking her sister’s love of step aerobics, Beth grew up doing ballet with her best friends. Many of these women, erstwhile flat-chested ballerinas, grew up to experience the same problem Jen and Beth had: a desire to keep active but no sports bra that could do the job.


Using Her Power For Good

Beth graduated magna cum laude from Boston College, got her master’s from the National University of Ireland-Galway, and worked in publishing in New York. When that got to be too much, she lived in a cottage in Ireland till her money ran out and she was obliged to return Green Bay, WI and work in advertising.

As part of Siggie Lodoen, Beth is thrilled to be doing work that helps other women. She wrote Siggie Lodoen’s core values and will never tire in shouting the good news from the rooftops. There’s a better way for women to work out, and Beth is happy to help her sister lead the way towards moving more and bouncing less.