Meet Jennifer




Creator & CEO

Jen is your average Type A perfectionist with an Ivy League education and a Master’s in divinity for good measure. From a young age, she showed entrepreneurial spirit, a love of fashion, and an uncanny knack for sales and finance. As a child growing up in Wisconsin, Jen could be found inventing things—a fridge for her wagon, new shades of lipsticks, snow forts with multiple rooms. She even started her first “business” (Rainbow, Sun, and Water) at age 7!

Spending time being active outdoors and exercising was also important to Jen from a very young age. Every morning of her 1stgrade year she would get up and do push-ups and sit-ups. However, as she grew up and started wearing sports bras it became increasingly clear that her biology was limiting her activity. Doing Jane Fonda’s Step Aerobics in high school now required 2-3 sports bras to prevent painful bouncing. She couldn’t go for a run or play tennis with friends without planning ahead to bring the obligatory 2-3 sports bras. Once a boyfriend even commented that she looked silly working out: “It looks like you are wearing a bulletproof vest.”


Uplifting Others

Meanwhile, Jen’s professional career centered around business and she was distinguishing herself in banking, sales, and operations. After spending 10 years with an international cosmetics company overseeing teams and the business’s profit and operations, Jen realized that it was time to take the skills she had developed in her career and focus it on helping others, specifically women dealing with the challenges of working out with a large chest. Exercising is tough enough without having to worry about your breasts bouncing up and down painfully the whole time!

In Siggie Lodoen Sportswear Jen has put her education, experience, size 32H chest, and passion together and created the perfect sports bra: a single bra with proper support, comfort, and aesthetic appeal for women with large chests, finally giving herself and other women the support that they deserve and ensuring that activity will no longer be determined by biology.