Meet The Inspiration

Signa Mathilda Peterson

Signa Mathilda Peterson was born at her home in Northern Minnesota to Norwegian immigrant parents in the late 1800s. When she was 15 she, like many farm girls at the time, left for Minneapolis to be a domestic servant in the big city. 

She was singlehandedly responsible for holding the family together through the depression, and decades of changing fortunes. We never met her, but Signa is Jen's middle name, and we wanted to honor her strength and fortitude through Siggie Lodoen Sportswear
Signa Lodoen at the lake, years before the concept of swimwear with supportive breast support was a thing.
Signa, Nels, and Baby Gladys in front of their store.

While we don’t know for sure that we inherited our chest size from our great-grandma Signa (our dad says it’s hard to picture his grandmother that way), our mom tells us, “The women of your father’s side of the family were well-endowed.”

Signa met our great-grandfather, N.R. Lodoen, and moved with him to Fargo, North Dakota where they had our grandmother, who later had our dad! Signa is remembered for speaking Norwegian when upset, having great taste in serving pieces and other items for the table (which we cherish), and making lard and sugar sandwiches for our dad at the lake.