What We Believe In


Siggie Lodoen is an inclusive community of smart girls with big goals—and big chests. In building a better sports bra, Siggie Lodoen™ will empower women to become their best selves, both outside and inside. With technology that takes itself seriously and messaging that certainly does not, the Siggie Lodoen brand will become synonymous with beautiful garments that look good, feel good, and do good.


Siggie Lodoen will change the way large chested women work out and the way they feel while doing so. The success of Siggie Lodoen will be celebrated and perpetuated through initiatives that support the empowerment of girls through education in emotional intelligence, physical fitness, and financial and nutritional health.


Siggie Lodoen holds these values over all others:


Physical support is the reason we’re here. Providing the best sports bra for our community is our goal. But to us, support also means that we will strive to give our clients a brand experience that makes them feel like they have a whole team of cheerleaders, moms, and admiring little sisters supporting them in all their endeavors.


Life can be hard. We recognise that everyone is on her own path, and that path can be difficult. We are here to do what we can to make life easier by celebrating everyday joy and committing ourselves to facing challenges with optimism and humor. It’s true we are all on our own path, but in the end, we are all in this together. We’re here to help you be your unique, joyful self.

Commitment to a Larger Purpose

If we can make women with large chests happy and comfortable while working out, that’s wonderful. However, it’s not enough. A portion of sales from each Siggie Lodoen sports bra sold will go toward the creation of a foundation dedicated to supporting all women and girls, engendering confidence, emotional intelligence, and other life skills from the start. After all, “who run the world?” Let’s give them all the tools they need to succeed.

Integrity and Ethics

From sourcing materials and labor to how we treat coworkers and clients, Siggie Lodoen is committed to doing business honestly and ethically.


Smart use of resources—human, physical, and financial—will allow Siggie Lodoen and our community to thrive. We could have the best sports bra (and we do!) and the most worthy cause (we have that, too!), but we know that success does not come without prudent stewardship.