The Idea

For Years Jen struggled with the problem of not having an effective, aesthetically pleasing sports bra to wear when working out. To get the support she needed for her 32G breasts, she would have to wear 2-3 sports bras at a time. If she just wore one there would be too much bouncing leading to extreme discomfort, not to mention possible tearing of the breast tissue, thus prohibiting high-impact exercise. And wearing 2-3 sports bras at a time was not a great solution either, as multiple bras were time-consuming to put on, not comfortable, damaging to the self confidence of a teenage girl, prohibited wearing cute shirts to work out (as multiple straps and fabrics would show), and more expensive to purchase than just one bra. 

Everything Comes Together

But the result was amazing. Jen had amassed a team of experts in each area of manufacturing and business. She had found the best people and the best technology—technology that worked and a bra that fully supported size 32G breasts. For the first time, Jen could run, skip, and jump, and her chest didn’t bounce with her!

It is our pleasure to introduce to you the Siggie Lodoen™ Sports Bra. It is our true hope that you love this sports bra as much as we do and that this bra supports your chest the way that you deserve. We want you to look forward to working out and have the bra that you need to do so. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back—and your front!